The Maya Bric story started a long time ago, in the mid 1980′s when the Briceño brothers inherited the property from their father. Slowly, the brothers started to transform the empty land into what was to become the Maya Bric. The brothers built the first three guest rooms on what today are commercial spaces along 5th avenue, and lived in a smaller house towards the back of the property.

Throghout the years to come, as Playa del Carmen expanded, the brothers added more rooms to the property, including a pool and intimate garden, which were very welcomed by the now established clientele.

The hotel went through many phases throghout the 90′s and early 2000, housing a bar, restaurant, diveshop and countless guests. In 2009, the hotel changed management and proprietor.

It is our mission to curate the past of Maya Bric, expand its offering and raise the quality. We want to stay true to what is the Maya Bric, a budget, basic but comfortable hotel with atmosphere as its ace. We work hard to keep this up, while making our small additions to the hotel.